Company Profile

Bridge is Back!

There is hardly a business related property on the Northern Beaches that at some time we have not Sold, Leased, Managed or Advised upon in some way.

For 30 years of our history, Bridge was led by Narelle Atack and Bill Ryder. It was our role to ensure that all clients received the absolute best advice and service. That’s why Bridge grew so rapidly.

It is, and always has been, our philosophy that the key to success in business is to ‘LOOK AFTER PEOPLE’.

We’re here to provide you with what you’ve been missing for some years…..

  • Personal attention to you
  • Phone calls returned immediately.
  • Emails returned by days end…at least.
  • Expert advice. Narelle and Bill have 60+ years  experience directly in the Northern Beaches Industrial/Commercial/Retail Property and know the market…take advantage of it.

And….we do what we say we will do….rely on that.

Our History

Bridge Real Estate Pty Ltd was established over 50 years ago, in 1963, by Allan Bridge. Not long after, the Harbour Bridge design became incorporated into the name and has since become synonymous with property on the Northern Beaches.

Bill Sumner, who had worked with Allan Bridge, took over as Principal in1982. Bill Ryder joined Bridge and subsequently became the Principal in 1990. During that period the business grew to become the dominant force in Industrial and Commercial property on the Northern Beaches and drew recognition from the greater Sydney Region for its local knowledge, level of expertise and service.

Narelle Atack who was also a Director and part owner became THE recognised specialist in her field and also oversaw all Sales, Leasing, Asset Management and Strata Management.

The Bridge name disappeared for a few years. However, it seems the ‘big is best’ approach of nationally branded groups has had its day. What most people want is to deal with someone who is an integral part of the business, has expert local knowledge and experience, and do what they say they will do.