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Postcode: 2099
Cromer is a suburb of northern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. 
Cromer is 20 kilometres north-east of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of Warringah Council and is part of the Northern Beaches region. Cromer is bordered to the north by Narrabeen Lakes.
Cromer is named after the seaside town of Cromer, in Norfolk, England. The area had been known as Dee Why West but it was changed after Dee Why Golf Links was taken over by the Cromer Country Club in 1940. The club applied to have the area's name changed to Cromer and permission was granted to create the new suburb.
Cromer Post Office opened on 1 September 1959 and closed in 1992.
Cromer Public School (K-6) and Northern Beaches Secondary College Cromer Campus (7-12) are the two public schools in the suburb.
The education status of people living in Cromer is Infants/Primary (7%), Secondary Education (6%), Technical or Further Education (4%), University or other Tertiary Institution (3%) and Not Attending (Working) (78%). 
According to the 2011 census, the population of Cromer was 7,161. 73.6% of people in Cromer were Australian-born. The most common other countries of birth were England 6.9%, New Zealand 2.0% and Italy 1.8%. The most common responses for religion in Cromer were Catholic 30.0%, Anglican 25.3% and No Religion 20.5%. The occupational breakdown of Cromer residents was Professionals 22.0%, Clerical and Administrative Workers 16.5%, Managers 15.9%, Technicians and Trades Workers 14.2%, and Sales Workers 10.2%. The median age is 40 and the median weekly household income is $1,659.
Industrial Area:
The industrial area is located between South Creek Road and Fisher Road North.

According to the 2011 census, the population of Cromer was 7,161.